Therapy Services at The Birches at Newtown

Therapy Services at The Birches at Newtown


This program offers a proactive approach to improving strength, mobility and balance deficits by using evidence-based, objective assessment tools. The progressive and challenging exercise program, proven to increase strength, mobility and balance in order to improve the ability to maintain independence and individual wellness and decrease the risk of falls. The Strength, Mobility, and Balance exercise program increases individuals’ functions so they can remain active members within their community. Sessions are 60-90 minutes long and occur two times per day.


A Complete Spectrum of Rehabilitative Care is available at The Birches at Newtown

  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Functional Assessments; Falls and Balance Assessments
  • Strength, Mobility and Balance Exercise Program
  • Fox Optimal Living

The Birches at Newtown's Partnership with Fox Rehabilitation

The Birches at Newtown is thrilled to announce its partnership with FOX Rehabilitation to offer a revolutionary new program to all existing and prospective residents. The FOX Optimal Living Program will deliver a higher level of care to all residents by emphasizing the importance of wellness and prevention. The FOX Optimal Living program will offer comprehensive wellness screenings and classes to maintain the health and functional status of all residents, a proactive approach that is redefining healthcare and finally putting our seniors first. The Fox Optimal Living Program will shift healthcare culture from antiquated “correction” to innovative “prevention” by putting healthcare decisions back in the hands of healthcare providers. By preemptively addressing risk factors, The Birches at Newtown residents will enjoy an increased quality of life and spend less time in and out of hospitals. All residents will function at a higher level and the costly effects of falls and medical intervention for those with chronic sedentary lifestyles will be greatly reduced. All programming is evidence-based, individualized, and carried out by clinical experts to allow our residents to achieve optimal health, beyond that defined by any insurance company. We are confident that Fox Optimal Living will appropriately position. The Birches at Newtown community in a progressive Post-Acute Care Continuum designed to meet all needs of current and prospective residents. The Birches at Newtown is excited to partner with FOX Rehabilitation to provide our residents the access to the care that they deserve and empowering them to live longer, healthier, and happier lives.