Stay Healthy and Engaged With FOX Optimal Living

We are taking a proactive approach to care, rather than a reactive approach

As we age, it’s critical to maintain balance, strength, and flexibility to support daily function and prevent injury. Included with your monthly rent is access to evidence-based, objective assessment tools and FOX Optimal Living program that offers comprehensive wellness screenings and classes to help maintain your health and independence. In addition, the FOX Optimal Living (FOL) program averages 160 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week—helping promote overall wellness and with proven results among residents!

The Birches at Newtown


70 Durham Rd Newtown, PA 18940

Boxing for Parkinsons

At The Birches at Newtown, FOX Rehab offers a boxing class for people with Parkinson’s Disease. The class is offered to residents and others in the community and focuses on balance and coordination.

The short video is a news clip by FOX NEWS Bill Anderson which highlights the program and its impact.

About The Wellness Plus Program

A Complete Spectrum of Rehabilitative Care is available at The Birches at Newtown Personal Care and Memory Care

  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Functional Assessments; Falls and Balance Assessments
  • Strength, Mobility and Balance Exercise Program
  • Fox Optimal Living

Specialized therapy services are also available to residents living with Parkinson’s disease or other movement disorders.

Resident Success Story!

One of our residents moved to the Birches 2.5 years ago following a stroke. This resident's daughter shared that the therapy her mom received in the hospital prior to moving to our facility was very discouraging and told her Mom she would never walk again. Fast forward 2.5 years, and our resident has dedicated her time to working hard and participating in our Fox Therapy, 1 to 1 wellness visits, and activities at the Birches. This resident is now on a program where she performs exercise and walking every morning after breakfast, and she has accomplished the feat of walking 275ft with her rolling walker!

OPTIMAL LIVING with FOX Rehabilitation

Optimal Living for 100% of Our Residents

Through a regular regimen of exercise and a focus on prevention, the Optimal Living Program by Fox Rehabilitation improves strength, mobility and balance, which translates into fewer falls, fewer hospitalizations and a healthier overall lifestyle. Participants benefit from more than 150 minutes of therapeutic physical activity each week. Clinical experts create and carry out individualized wellness plans. Residents have the option of a one-on-one class, or a group class based on similar levels of fitness.

Optimal Living is part of our Memory Care neighborhood too!

Because muscles don’t get dementia, residents in the Memory Care Neighborhood also participate.

FOX Program Focus

FOL focuses on several important programs that enhance both physical and emotional well-being, including:

  • Sit to be Fit - Seated strength and aerobic exercises for intermediate and wheelchair residents.
  • Strength, Balance & Mobility and Balancing Act - Higher level standing classes to challenge balance and promote dynamic strength and coordination
  • Walk & Roll - Walking program with both individual and group walking.
  • Range & Relaxation - A range of motion and stretching program for our Memory Care residents to promote better joint mobility and maintain flexibility, done in a relaxing setting with calming music
  • Meditation – Practicing different techniques from guided imagery to breathing awareness to help reduce stress and increase overall well-being.

What else do we get from FOX?

Other elements of the Fox Optimal Living Program include dementia education for community caregivers, continence programming offered to all residents, disease-specific wellness programs, customized cognitive exercise classes for residents with dementia, on-call physical therapists, dementia support groups for families and ergonomic analyses and wellness offerings for staff. These benefits are offered with no additional cost to the residents or their families.

Specialized Care for Individual Needs

Your loved one will benefit from specialized care based on their individual needs. We target specific health issues in order to create a higher quality of living for your loved one, focusing on both physical and emotional wellbeing.

Arthritis services at The Birches at Newtown in Newtown, Pennsylvania


Management of pain and stiffness

Maintenance of joint integrity

Prevention of functional deficits

Joint Replacements services at The Birches at Newtown in Newtown, Pennsylvania

Joint Replacements

Post-acute restoration of joint mobility

Progressive strength and balance training

Long-term management of mobility and function

Diabetes services at The Birches at Newtown in Newtown, Pennsylvania


Supervised therapeutic exercises

Individualized aerobic training

Sensory-motor conditioning for fall prevention

Dementia services at The Birches at Newtown in Newtown, Pennsylvania


Strategies for continued independence

Risk management and fall prevention

Customized functional wellness programs

Deconditioning services at The Birches at Newtown in Newtown, Pennsylvania


Cardiovascular endurance training

Progressive, resistance strength training

Task-specific conditioning

Cerebrovascular Accidents services at The Birches at Newtown in Newtown, Pennsylvania

Cerebrovascular Accidents

Post-acute restorative care

Training for activities of daily living

Management of cognition and communication

Adaptive equipment recommendations and education

Cardiac services at The Birches at Newtown in Newtown, Pennsylvania


Cardiovascular conditioning

Strength and flexibility training

Functional activity programs

Parkinson’s services at The Birches at Newtown in Newtown, Pennsylvania


Therapeutic exercises

Functional activities

Neuromuscular re-education